Mistress Velvet
Mistress Velvet

Mistress Velvet

The Goddess you've been waiting for...

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by slave #808j

As She walks across the dungeon towards me, purple hair gleaming in the light, i find myself astonished by Her ineffable beauty.

It radiates and surrounds me, clenching my throat.

"At My feet," Mistress Velvet commands, and i immediately fall to my knees.

"Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress," i beg.

Mistress looks into my eyes, filling me with fear, excitement and humility.

To be in the presence of an African Goddess is indescribable. 

"What do you love about Me," Velvet asks, though We both know that once i begin, the words will never cease to flow.

As i stare at Her feet, longing for Her delicate toes to graze upon My white skin, I search for the right words to describe perfection.

It is an impossible task.

"i love the way You use me, Mistress," i respond meekly. 

Velvet smiles, and blood shoots down to my caged cock.

i am intoxicated by Her aura.

Mistress allows me to kiss Her glorious feet. "Once," She coos.

i would kiss Them forever if She ever requested. 

She puts on my collar. my skin tingles from where Her delicate fingers just lingered. 

Leash in hand, Velvet leads me to the nearby cross. 

 i crawl by Her side. i am Her dog. Her toy. Her slave.

She is my Mistress. my Goddess.

my W O R L D.

Once i am affixed, She leaves briefly. i miss Her already.

The sound of Her Louboutins tapping the floor as She walks arouses me.

It is an honor to be Her muse. 

She returns with Her favorite Chanel lipstick. 

"Rouge Allure Velvet No. 60"

Without a word, Mistress Velvet writes on My chest. 




She applies the lipstick to Her lips, then whispers in my ear:

"Are you ready?"

i shiver.

i have always been ready. i exist solely to please My Mistress. 

Mistress Velvet.

Goddess blindfolds me, and i drown in Her power. 

Thank You, Mistress...