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Secret Beauty of Korean Women

Have you ever wondered how Korean women can be blessed with pure white skin like they can’t age? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about now.

Secret Beauty of Korean Women

Before the internet era, it was impossible to know all the beauty secrets of Korea. Maybe some of us think that their beauty and skin are derived from genetics or heredity. That’s true, but not entirely true.

In addition to having perfectly pure white offspring, it turns out that Korean women follow a very strict skincare regime. It’s called ‘strict’ because they never mess with this.

And here are seven beauty secrets of Korean women!

You probably already know that removing dead skin cells is a must if you want to have smooth and healthy skin. Well, Korean women do this on a regular basis. They try to remove dead skin cells by brushing the surface of the skin with a soft-bristled brush.

If you’re interested in doing this, then it’s perfectly fine. Do it on the surface of the facial skin 2 to 3 times a week.

Secret Beauty of Korean Women

If you look into Asian websites, white secrets, or whatever, there’s always such a thing as sheet masks. You need to know sheet masks are very popular there, not only among women, but also among men.

Sheet masks in Korea today have even appeared with several variations, including for people who really want to increase collagen.

Matte skin is something that is pretty much wanted by women almost all over the world. But Korean women want to have a face like dew. For that, humidity is key. They believe that applying moisturizer to the face will prevent premature aging.

This is what makes faces in Korea sometimes younger than their real age

Make no mistake; this is different from moisturizing your face. We know that drinking lots of water is great for the body. But women in Korea really believe and want to give the extraordinary effect of water to their faces.

Secret Beauty of Korean Women

Spraying their faces with water to keep them moisturized throughout the day is a routine. This is to keep the facial skin from becoming dehydrated, which can cause the skin to age faster.

What do you think about this? Many people hate oily skin. But women in Korea actually want to fight facial oils with natural oils. Even the oil is used as a cleanser.

They believe that using cleansing oil will not.

Of course, sunscreen is one of the top-selling businesses in Korea. They really believe sunscreen is good for the skin.

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When Korean women have pimples on their faces, they will wash their faces with warm salt water. They believe warm salt water will be able to heal acne without leaving scars.

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