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Facial Skin Not Smooth? Here's the Cause

Jakarta Having smooth and clean skin is the dream of every woman. However, often there are various blemishes or even damage to the skin that makes it imperfect.

Facial skin health depends on several factors, such as daily care. Not only that, the daily routine can also affect the health of your facial skin.

Facial Skin Not Smooth? Here's the Cause

Sometimes many women do not realize that the activities they do can damage the skin and make it not smooth and clean. Doing treatment by coming to a dermatologist may be an easy way to make the skin beautiful again. However, this method will not last long if we are still doing the same treatment that can damage the skin.

Facial Skin Smoothnes, Step by Step

For that, it is important for every woman to recognize what causes can eliminate the cleanliness and smoothness of the skin. Reporting from Boldsky, Saturday (28/03/2015) here are some reasons why facial skin becomes not smooth and not clean.

Facial Skin Not Smooth? Here's the Cause

1. Using Incompatible Products

Choose a product that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, use products that are suitable for oily skin, as well as for dry skin types, acne, and others. It is important to know your skin type before you decide to buy various beauty products. One way to do this is to go to a dermatologist. There you can find out the character of your facial skin. In addition, pay attention to the beauty products that will be used, do not let the product has expired because it can damage the skin.

2. Consistent

Use beauty products that can make your facial skin look good consistently. If you have tried a product and it has had a positive effect on your facial skin, use the product consistently and don’t try other products. Most women are often tempted by various types of products through the advertisements they see. Usually they tend to try different products and see the impact on the skin. Avoid this and try to be consistent with just one product.

3. Washing Face

After doing various activities outside the home, don’t forget to wash your face when you return home. A face that is sweaty and exposed to a lot of dust on the road will cause a lot of dirt to stick. Washing the face can get rid of accumulated dirt on the surface of the face.

4. Don’t Touch Your Face Too Often

Touching your face too often will only add dirt to your face. Your hands hold a lot of dirt that is not visible from holding a lot of objects. Dirt that contains bacteria is not good for facial skin. You can’t wash your hands every time you touch your face, right? For that, try to reduce touching your face and don’t do it too often.

5. Chronic Stress

One of the reasons for clean and smooth skin is stress free. A stressful state of mind can attack your skin internally. Factors from within this will have a very big influence on skin health. Make yourself relaxed and maybe you need some kind of refreshing to make your mind fresher.]

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