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World Recognition for Indonesian "Antiaging" Experts

It took a long journey for Dr. Deby Vinski, AAMS, Dipl WOSAAM in starting his career as an antiaging specialist. Now, he has received various recognitions, in addition to receiving an award from First Lady Ani Yudhoyono at the antiaging congress.

World Recognition for Indonesian "Antiaging" Experts

Deby is also trusted as President of the World Council of Regenerative, Preventive, and Anti-Aging Medicine. The world body of 25 countries entrusts leadership to Deby. He was elected by unanimous unanimous vote by world experts to return as their leader for the next five years.

Antiaging Is A Gift That Meant To be Shared

This woman who is moved to engage in antiaging because she wants to treat her father, is persistent in encouraging people to live healthy lives by promoting antiaging medicine. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, Deby also supports the presence of medical community organizations in every country, including Indonesia. “With a healthy body, healthy mind, positive creative ideas will emerge, power of brain will develop,” he said through a press release received by Kompas Female.

World Recognition for Indonesian "Antiaging" Experts

Deby initially pursued the world of antiaging medicine for the sake of his father who had a stroke. The doctors who treated Deby’s father could not do much. He was looking for the answer. Once, he thought his father could recover if his cells were tidied up. Deby also left his business, then flew to Paris and several European countries to study anti-aging medicine. Long story short, Deby managed to become a specialist in antiaging medicine. All the knowledge that Deby gained was immediately put into practice by his father.

Practice Of Anti Aging Medicine

Deby has been practicing antiaging medicine for more than four years. Most of the patients are women, while 45 percent of the patients are men. They generally come for hormone therapy to be healthy and youthful. Deby is keen to explain that aging can be inhibited with a series of anti-aging therapies, ranging from exercise, improving nutrition, balancing hormones, to sophisticated stem cell treatments.

World Recognition for Indonesian "Antiaging" Experts

Because antiaging treatment is relatively new in Indonesia, Deby is working hard to popularize it in various ways. One way he published a book called Perfect Beauty Anti-Aging: Be Younger, Sexier, Healthier, Happier. Get selected news updates and breaking news every day from Kompas.com.

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