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Anti Aging And How Should we Face It

Being a mother is not an easy thing. With a pile of tasks, it is not uncommon for mothers to no longer have the opportunity to take care of their beauty and body health. Anti aging is one that matters.

Anti Aging And How Should we Face It

“Why a mother? Because everything starts with a mother. She is the one who determines the lifestyle and diet and pays attention to the health of her family members. If a mother already understands the inputs regarding anti-aging, of course, she will pass it on to other family members,” said dr. Lisa when met at the launch of her book in Jakarta Wednesday (23/5/2018).

Books for Fighting Anti Aging

This book, he said, aims to popularize the concept of anti-aging with a healthy lifestyle as the main foundation. Far from being monotonous and heavy, this book is presented in a practical way for those who don’t have much time to read.

Anti Aging And How Should we Face It

The book explains that there are five pillars of anti-aging and how to optimize them to get healthy skin and a fitter body, and excellent health. The steps presented include activity and exercise patterns, practical tips for dealing with sleep disorders, eating patterns to keep the body young, to steps to deal with stress.

In his book, dr. Lisa also introduced a new disease that people often don’t realize but is quite dangerous for health, namely sitting disease, where currently most people, especially mothers, live a lifestyle that sits too much, one of which is due to the influence of gadgets. Especially with the help of a household assistant or babysitter, which makes it even easier.

This disease is known to cause several health problems such as brain, neck, shoulder, and back problems, muscle degeneration, organ deterioration, and leg disorders.

What Should You Get out of This Book?

At the end of this book, dr. Lisa explained the need for certain nutritional supplementation to optimize body functions and accelerate the anti-aging program that is being carried out. Vitamin D is one of them because it turns out that vitamin D levels in the community are very low, which in turn can cause various health problems.

Anti Aging And How Should we Face It

“By understanding all this, besides being able to stay young and healthy when old, the results of the anti-aging program that I described in the book can also be felt shortly after the reader starts to apply it,” he explained.

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